About me

Portrait StefanHi, my name is Stefan Meincke and I’m a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and EFR® Instructor. I’m originally from Germany but live in Geneva, Switzerland since January 2007 and now at the French border, close to the lake. After moving with my wife to Geneva, I decided that in such beautiful setting, with so many opportunities for diving I just had to become a professional diver and so I set up my own little enterprise – ”GO Dive”.

I started diving in 2005 and couldn’t stop ever since. My very first step into diving began in the mid 70s when I was a young boy at the age of 8 soaking up all theses underwater documentaries on TV (e.g. Jacques Yves Cousteau explorations, etc.) But from the moment I had the chance to stick my head under water breathing (!) diving doubtlessly captured me right away! And so I kept on diving from year to year always intending to reach higher levels… and yep, now I am a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor myself being allowed to teach others in diving as well.

The educational method that I offer is based on a special private teaching system.  It is my conviction that teaching and learning to dive in 1-on-1 classes or in very small groups will be way more efficient and easier for both, the student and the instructor.

My primary intentions are:

  • Taking away any potential doubts, fears and prejudices against diving that you might have
  • Making everything as easy and convenient for you as possible
  • And last but not least, bringing the wonderful underwater world closer to your minds and hearts

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