Tank Station

Tank Refill Service – Air only.

Please contact us in case of interest.

“You don’t have your own tank?”

No Prob! 15 steel tanks 12L always freshly revised are waiting for you at just 15 CHF/day!
Also: 4 steel tanks 8L (slim/long) nice to have as stage bottle 12 CHF/day

Ask for availabilities!

Technical Infomation

Filling Station – Compressed air only!


Brand: Coltri Sub
Modell: MCH16 Super Silent
Filling time: 10L/8min
Performance: Up to 300bar
Loading time for  up to 4 tanks in 1 go over Air Bank approximately 2-15 mins
DIN & INT Valve

Air Bank

Brand: Coltri Sub
Volume: 2 x 50L 300 Bar

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