GO Dive offers a wide range of scuba diving courses all following the PADI standards.

What’s included?

All GO Dive course offers are ‘all-inclusive’! In order not to fall into any price trap, ending up spending much more than anticipated, we made our prices “all inclusive”. This means that any certification fees, course materials/e-learning access, the renting of all diving equipment (incl. masks/ snorkel and fins), dive insurance, certification fees, etc. are included into the price. If you then e.g. have your own equipment, the price will of course be decreased respectively. Even if you need more time for e.g. doing your Open Water Diver, one extra day will be offered for free. The only extra fee, that you can book additionally, is a pick-up and bring back service to your place in Geneva or surroundings.

How big are the groups at Go Dive?

In general, all courses offered by GO Dive are individual classes – you can sign up just by yourself for a private course, or together with your dive-buddy, friends or family. With this set-up, maximum flexibility is guaranteed, you can select the dates and timings most convenient for YOU and most importantly really learn at your own pace, without potentially feeling pressured by other participants. Or you may be advancing fast-paced, not having to wait for others. Or you may be super-quick in one skill and needing more time in another. It all depends on your own preference and preferred way to learn. If you sign up with 2 or more people, discounts apply.

Sometimes we also offer group classes at fixed timings and special prices. Watch out for it and contact us if you are interested in meeting new people and saving some money.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Full PADI learning kit (depending on the course, this includes PADI books, DVDs,) for you to keep, respectively
  • PADI E-learning access if applicable for the course (e.g. OWD, AOWD, Rescue Diver and many more)
  • Full Dive insurance (DAN -Diver’s Alert Network) for all student divers
  • PADI Certification Fee
  • Face-to-face theory lessons if wanted/needed
  • Full diving equipment for the time needed to accomplish the course
  • All diving tanks -no matter how much needed
  • Pick-up and bring back service possible on demand
  • Organization of everything
  • GO Dive Log Book (when doing OWD course)

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