General Terms & Conditions


The easiest way to register for a PADI diving course/program with GO Dive is booking your preferred course, or program by visiting and then click on shop, where you gonna find all courses and programs listed. Or, just send an e-mail to After GO Dive receives the first 50% of a course/program price you will get in return your own PADI learning kit “Ultimate Crew Pak” (Book/DVD if necessary RDP™/eRDP ML) sent by post, respectively an online access pass for the PADI eLearning by e-mail. The agreed course dates for the practical lections will be binding.

PADI e-Learning

In case you decide to learn online by using the great “PADI eLearning”, instead of learning with a book and DVD you will be sent your personal access code via e-mail. After receiving the code, you must register on where you first create your own virtual online classroom and account. There log in and you`re already off to go! The online access will only be valid for the duration of one year to complete the entire course portions including the final exams. In case you might have questions, or difficulties getting on, you will have the opportunity to communicate with GO Dive over a com tool inside your virtual classroom. Once you’ve completed all chapters GO Dive gives you a date to do the final exam. Right after finishing the entire exams successfully you and GO Dive will be sent an information- / congratulations mail by PADI. All incorrectly answered questions will be discussed personally afterwards to make sure that you’ve got it all! Therefore it`s necessary to print out your results and have it with you when meeting with your instructor the next time.

Terms of payment

When booking a course, or program, you will be asked to do a down-payment of 50% of the entire course fee before the (first) meeting date. The second half will be due at the beginning of the course. There are 2 different options to pay, either bank transaction, or PayPal. Guided dives and PADI Discover Scuba Diving classes can also be paid in cash on the date of activity. Checks won`t be accepted! GO Dive has the right to keep your certification until the entire course fee was fully paid!

Cancellations (before or during the activity)

In case you should get sick before, or during your course GO Dive will try the very best to find new date options with you. For this it is necessary to show, or send a doctor`s verification/attestation (e.g. via e-mail). Private or professional reasons cannot be accepted. In case you need to break up an already started course GO Dive has the right to keep the full payment of the entire course price, giving you the chance to complete your course by resuming later on. For this you will have 12 months of time counted from the break-up date.

Course preparation and course flow

To keep the whole thing as brief and easy as possible it is important that you’ve fully completed all chapters announced before entering the water. That includes watching all videos, answering all knowledge reviews and quick quizzes according to their chapters by self-studying. GO Dive will of course always help you along with all difficulties and/or questions you may have. When learning with the book & DVD pack we will discuss all the prepared theory parts right at the training site and just before hopping into the floods. If you decided to study online by using the PADI eLearning you can already start and even complete the theoretical parts months in advance. That saves loads of time. But, GO Dive also recommends to doing the final exams as well as all required knowledge reviews and quick quizzes a few days, or maybe a week… before doing the confined water lessons. That makes sure that all the theoretical stuff is still fresh inside your brains…;-) When completing the online exam, e.g. for the OWD course, GO Dive will double-check you only in a brief 1on1 session…;-) After completing all theoretical and practical parts and paying the remaining 50% of the course price GO Dive will sign you off and register you at PADI and you will get automatically your temporary diving certification as PDF a few minutes later via e-mail. 10-14 days after this you will receive your original credit card-like certification directly from the European PADI Headquaters via normal mail.

Dive Sites and training locations

All courses, programs and most of the guided dives given by GO Dive will take part at certain Lake Geneva beaches in Switzerland, mostly in Hermance, canton of Geneva. Sometimes it might be necessary to change the dive site because of poor water conditions. Guided dives can also take part at other sites, even in the French part of Lake Geneva. And will of course be offered according to your experience level.

Buisness hours

Basically every day between mid of May and end of October can be booked as optional diving days. NOTE: Sometimes the phone can be dead! For important enquiries please send an e-mail, or text message! NOTE: From September on, when the sun sets a bit earlier, all courses and programs have to be shifted to different meeting times (e.g Discover Scuba Diving cannot start later than 3:30pm.)

Pick Up/Drop Off service (for certification courses only)

Pick up times are regularly offered from 8:30 a.m. from any place down town Geneva. The back transportation to any spot down town Geneva will be normally latest around 5:00h p.m. NOTE: This special service requires an extra charge of 20CHF/day.

Guided dives

Guided dives, or also called “Fun dives” take place from 9:00am only from Monday-Friday. Early morning dives take place at 7:00am. Night dives can be taken 7 nights a week and take place from 9:00h p.m. at the agreed dive site.

Standards & Validity

If you should need to break off a course before it ends GO Dive will keep the full 50% down payment. GO Dive gives you the opportunity to resume your course on a later date without any surcharges even if the course fee has already changed. Therefore you will have 12 months counted from the break up date. In case you`ve just simply forgotten to resume your course, sorry, but there`s no chance to get your money reimbursed. Whenever you decide to break off a course, program, or guided dive just simply because you don’t want to finish it, or don’t manage to end it within 12 months GO Dive has the right to keep the entire 50% down-payment. Partial, or full refunds can only be agreed in case of higher influences (e.g. death of
student/instructor, natural catastrophes, serious injuries, which make it impossible to go on further, or to finish the activity).

Changes of Course Programs

Because of general safety reasons GO Dive takes the right, in case of seriously bad weather/water conditions, to shift the agreed dates to a later time, or cancel it at all. Of course everything will be done to find another option. If this should not work GO Dive will fully reimburse the already paid amounts.


During all in- and underwater activities GO Dive provides you completely with all professional diving equipment, which is annually maintained and revised by a professional service! Brands used are: Scuba Pro, Mares, Aqua Lung etc..). There`s nothing to be rent or bought before starting a course or program with GO Dive! Certificated divers can use of course their own equipment if they want. In case of damaging, or losing a part of the provided equipment it has to be substituted by a new one. Reparations and/or used materials in exchange won`t be accepted!


When booking a course, or a program you will be automatically fully covered by a diving insurance (currently +Aquamed). This special service is already included in the booked course, or program. Your diving insurance is valid for the whole duration of the booked course/program and for all in- and underwater activities you do with GO Dive!


From time to time GO Dive spreads vouchers over different online providers, or over Facebook, or through special offers on flyers to be found in bars/cafes, clubs, or other location and also certain corporate partners. These vouchers run only for a certain time and can`t be redeemed after these certain deals ran out. Sometimes it is possible to purchase a voucher for a friend, colleague, or relative, sometimes not. But this is gonna be stated on the vouchers itself.

Special Offers

Special offer will be announced on the GO Dive website, on Facebook, or on blackboards in certain areas of the corporate partners. These special offers only run for a certain time and can`t be redeemed after the deal was expired.

Special Diving Events

GO Dive is a quite vivid and well up-to-date diving operation, trying to provide interested people with different diving events, as “NetLeman”, a lake Geneva clean-up event for divers and non-divers. Sometimes GO Dive also wants to give certified divers a sense why to dive in Lake Geneva. These events can only be realized when other diving operations want to join, or corporate. Such special events can only be happen during a single weekend at the end of a season (e.g. mid/end September). All info will be found on advertising flyers certain months in advance.

Severability Clause

GO Dive will always do their utmost to find the best solution for both sides, giving suggestions, sometimes price reductions and/or other agreements.
In case there`s something on, which cannot be solved anymore by an even-tempered and calm talking, comfortable and fair way, Geneva will be finally the place of jurisdiction.